2nThe 2N® Helios IP Verso is a security intercom that, thanks to its modularity, can be used everywhere you need to choose a specific function and purpose of use. For example, you can choose an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card reader. It can not only be easily integrated into your current camera and monitoring system, but thanks to programmable scripts, also with Home center. Furthermore, the whole system can be also used as a security component to protect the building.

2n helios verso

In addition, the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercom is very durable, works perfectly in environments from -40° to +60°C and can endure sudden changes in weather. Communication between individual intercoms and the LAN network is secured using the 802.1x protocol and, thanks to a closed OS, the intercom is resistant to attacks by hackers.
The freedom to select functionalities, the degree of security and durability are the main building block for demanding customers. When you take into account the fact that the IP intercom also excels in its luxury design, we can boldly declare that you’ll find nothing like it on the IP intercom market. Only one can be truly perfect!


  • 2N exampleHD camera with infrared light and night vision
  • Integration with third-party CCTV systems with ONVIF support
  • 13.56 MHz smart card reader with NFC support
  • Programmable scripts for actions and reactions
  • NextGen html5 web configurator
  • Connectable external IP camera
  • Attendance system
  • Video and audio for mobile telephones and tablets
  • Home center integration
  • KNX support
  • Ideal for use with 2N® Indoor Touch

Area of use

  • Offices and office complexes
  • Schools
  • Public state administration buildings
  • Apartment complexes and houses
  • Educational institutions



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